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Fast Headache Relief for Woodpeckers

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Dr. Ryan Song's
One Quick Solution


#detox #hydrate #rehab #exercise

"Cut one thing that's affecting you the most. And, drink a plenty of water to flush out the old habits. It may sound too obvious to you, but overdose on one particular substance is never a good idea. Even vitamins are no exception."

Dr. Ryan Song's
One Quick Solution


#detox #hydrate #rehab #exercise

"Cut one thing that's affecting you the most. And, drink a plenty of water to flush out the old habits. It may sound too obvious to you, but overdose on one particular substance is never a good idea. Even vitamins are no exception."

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"You have lingering injuries in the neck muscles. Stretches & exercises to release the stiffness & tension should be the focus of treatment."

"Basically, a Maintenance Plan!"

It's not your fault! You just need a few things to get back on track...

First of all, some of the lingering injuries have not been resolved in a timely manner. We should find those muscles and resolve the long-term stress, tension, and stiffness in those muscles.

As soon as the ease up, you will be most likely pain free. Here are some of the activities that may help you to manage pain.

- Yoga: to relax the tight muscles

- Massage therapy, chiropractic & physiotherapy: before your visit your therapists, please check which of the above pain patterns matches your system. Show the diagram to them. They will appreciate it and know what to do from that point on.

- Set up the ergonomic workstation whether you work from home or at the office.


  1. Release stress & tension.

  2. Learn how to do restore the muscle function, doing a little bit of rehab exercises.

  3. Set up an ergonomic workstations at work, a comfortable sleeping environment, and an pain-free driving experience.

  4. Revive by doing fun activities!

Here are some of the tools & equipment that I personally recommend. Hopefully, good for Fast Pain Relief.

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Release tension for Woodpeckers

Personal Massager

Knobs & grooves dig deep into the muscles knows to release tension. For chronic Stiffness.

Personal Massager 2

Not as aggressive. Targets sub-occipital muscles. For whiplash type of injuries.

Portable, powerful

Powerful release. But do not apply this directly to the neck. Shoulder muscles only.


Pro-level; therefore, more precise control with the ergonomic grip of the therapist.

Relax the neck for Woodpeckers


A gentle and gradual traction and stretch for natural alignment of your neck. Less tension & stress.


Neck Hammock uses the gravity to pull the spines from one another. Safe & affordable.


Flights & driving hurts. Don't keep your head in an awkward posture. Support it by any means.


Cradle your head softly with cooling, breathable structure. Less sweating, less compression.

Msk Taping

When applied correctly, this muscle taping is best for chronic ache and pain.

Msk Taping

For back and shoulder muscles... fo where your hands don't reach


Heat increases blood circulation to the affected muscles. That sounds healing already.

Bath Salt

Yes. I want you to take a hot bath. It increases the blood flow. Blood carry healing agents.

Ergonomic workstation

Heavenly, Ergonomic

Steelcase makes one of the best ergonomic office chairs. No doubt.

Affordable, Awesome

Sydiz T50 is highly adjustable & comfortable.

Cushioning, Breathable

If you sit longer than 8 hours a day at the desk, you need proper cushioning.

Quick, Portable

If you mostly work on-the-go, it gives you the flexible viewing angles.

Hardcore Education


Want to learn about posture in-depth? This book has been a classic textbook for every medical professionals.

Pain Maps

Understand the muscle pain, pattern, and prognosis. If you learn this, you will know more than most therapists.


It's just not muscles and bones. It's also about sinews, myofascia, tendons and more - the connective tissues.


If you're into sports, this muscle taping will do wonders. One of the best skill to master when you have chronic pain here and there.

Maintenance Plan


The King of Vitamins with 25 important micronutrients. Boost your immune system in a short time.


The Ritual company makes healthy habits easy. Also, all ingredients are traceable.


It's a staple supplements for muscle recovery and bone regeneration.


Improve overall energy level, build muscles and bones.

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