A Humble Beginning...

A Humble Beginning...

Hello, my name is Dr. Ryan Song! On behalf of our entire team, welcome, and thanks for your interest in GoodMonday.

I started this company with the launch of a single product back in 2016, and we've been slowly growing ever since.

I quitted my own pain medicine clinic in Canada, in order to pursue a higher standard in manufacturing and designing and developing. I moved to South Korea and started building ergonomic solutions to help you relieve pain, release stress, and sleep well. Luckily, some of my creations went on flying off the shelf (although some failed miserably.)

After the pandemic, many pain clinics such acupuncture, chiropractic, physiotherapy, and massage therapy has closed their doors. I came very personal to me.

So, I decided to take another leap of faith, taking all my research and knowledge, published online in the form of blogs, videos, ebooks, and self-assessment system.

I will be facing a few challenges (in the meantime, I beg for your patience and support in this new and long journey):

  • Translating medical books into an easy-to-understand bite-sized content. This is very very important because it closes the knowledge gap between doctors and patients, so you can make an educated decision about you and your family.

  • Proving tools for self-assessment for aches and pains. I am personally paying a group of developers to build this system. As of August 2021, I only have the headaches open, but will be expanding to other ailments such as back pain, sciatica, knee pain, menstrual pain, etc..

  • Recommending products to help you relieve pain faster. Why? Because it's a journey. You can't do this along. You will need a home-tool or a home-device. It's my job to curate them for you and provide the detailed how-to's so you will not misuse them. Your safety is my priority, right?

Again, I truly appreciate you for taking a chance on me. As my knowledge grows, I will be sharing and communicating with you. Until the next day... thank you!

Dr. Ryan Song, 2021-08-11

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